Monday, October 28, 2013


Some people have been asking why I am following a mono-diet. It is not because I want to only eat eggs. However I have experimented a lot with food over the years. I used to be morbidly obese and over 300 pounds…I also have been at a very fit healthy 140-something. The issue that is always the same is I am a sugar addict to an insane degree. 

Eggs seem to do something for me that nothing else can do while I am getting off the sugar. When I am back on sugar my life is a nightmare. Even a little bit of processed sugar or highly processed carb and I am in a binging cycle. The egg diet puts me back into control. (I tried fish, veggies, chicken, turkey, steak, avocados, and almonds too…but eggs seem to work best) This time I am doing it 21 days again. However I do plan to listen to my body. 

Also, I am not doing it for the quick weight loss. The quick weight loss was a happy side effect of the experiment. I am doing it to be able to actually eat but not binge and feel good. 

So I am just finishing up day 5 and I feel so amazing…..not physically yet….I still feel a little tired….but mentally. It is so freeing to be off the sugar roller coaster. I feel like I can move forward in life again. :)

Egg Diet Part 2 (see previous posts for part 1)
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  1. I've read every post. I'm very interested in your adventure, because I'm just like you and I have serious sugar/carb addictions. I've gained 20 pounds since the end of October, after maintaining an 80 pound weight loss. I want to be back to that 80 pound weight loss, and I'm extremely fearful of gaining more. Back in 2007 I lost 60 pounds and gained it all back and more. I. cannot. do. that. again.

    Thanks for your posts. We can do this! I have my little low carb group joining me and we're doing an egg-periment! We shooting for 21 days! Hope you're doing well, as I know the holidays are extremely hazardous!

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. Some of my colleagues will be embarking on the egg diet but I think they're including other foods in their diet. Reading your story makes me wonder if I should give it a shot at some point. I've been on the watermelon cleanse for a while and it's working fine so far, but when I tire of watermelon I may try this.

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  4. Oops, meant to say may try egg diet. 😊