Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hello out there...

I just remembered my blog yesterday....soon after my last post in 2013 I got pregnant.... I was elated as my husband and I had been trying for a long while. While pregnant I stuck to a paleo style of eating mostly but some days I did eat treats or went out to a non paleo dinner. At the end of my pregnancy in September of 2014 I was 228 pounds. I got down to 195 by six months after her birth by just eating healthfully. I did a round of whole 30 and got to 180 and stuck here since summer 2015. I'm pretty happy here. I feel great. I eat healthfully, I enjoy Pilates, weights, and running. I'm enjoying motherhood.  I've used the egg diet a couple times for a couple days when I eat processed foods or sugar and the cravings come back hard. Besides that I'm just trying to live in balance.

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  1. Hey there,

    Glad you remembered your blog! I've been doing egg "fasts" on and off for a while as a way to jump start weight loss and clean up after a binge and it works like a charm! I got the idea from reading your blog! I basically do a week of fasting to lose a lot of weight then a week off to just eat healthy and normal, I'm going to continue that cycle until I've lost all the excess weight

    I've been wondering about how healthy this is though, especially for fertility since we're also trying for a baby.

    any advice on that front? Can I continue doing this while we're trying?

    Thanks in advance!