Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 1 Egg Diet

Well yesterday was my first day on the Egg diet. I ended up eating 16 eggs yesterday. I ate 4 eggs at a time 4 times yesterday. I was pretty hungry as I was detoxing off sugar/carbs. I also got a headache in the afternoon from withdrawals. I took some advil and felt better. My energy levels were pretty good. I did 45 mins of cardio and a upper body weight lifting session. I woke up this morning feeling really great. I also weighed in 4 pounds down already! I know a lot of this was water weight but it still feels good to see the scale going down. I ate the hard boiled eggs plain yesterday. Today I may dip them in mustard, hot sauce or soy sauce to make them more appealing. I am not sick of them yet but I have 20 days left to go! Thanks for following my little experiment. I'll be back to update tomorrow. :)

7/8/13 Starting Weight: 192
7/9/13: 188

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