Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 9 Egg Diet

Day 9 I kept going with the avocado only because it tasted so good and was a fun change. Fat and Protein never seem to give me any problems. It's too many carbs that seem to spur on bouts of cravings and over eating. I feel very in control right now and hope that once the experiment phase is over I can transition into more food groups and stay healthy. I recently stumbled upon and read about the primal food plan. It excludes most of my trigger foods and is very healthy and natural. That is where I think I am headed once this is over. I lost another pound! I am amazed. If I can get back to the 160's by the end of this I will be over the moon! I did a full body weight routine today and had 12 eggs and 1 avocado. Energy=awesome! Actually my husband thinks I am nuts for doing this but he even comments how great I look after such a short time and how I am not cranky like I usually am when I am "dieting". I might be nuts, but I do not regret this experiment. 

7/8/13 Starting Weight: 192
7/9/13: 188
7/10/13: 186
7/11/13: 183
7/12/13: 182
7/14/13: 178
7/15/13: 177
7/16/13: 176
7/17/13: 175

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