Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 10 Egg Diet

OK, there has got to be a day when I step on the scale and DON'T lose weight. I keep waiting for it to happen. It wouldn't disappoint me because I know I can't keep dropping like this. However so far it hasn't happened. I have lost weight every single day. It is a really great perk for sure! Eating eggs is so much easier when the reward is so great. I continue to feel wonderful. I cut out the avocado for day 10. I ran out of it and haven't gotten to the store yet. I had 12 eggs with coconut oil and surprisingly I enjoyed them. I guess it is lucky that I still love eggs after all of this. I'm almost half way to 21 days! Anyone out out there ever try anything like this?

7/8/13 Starting Weight: 192
7/9/13: 188
7/10/13: 186
7/11/13: 183
7/12/13: 182
7/14/13: 178
7/15/13: 177
7/16/13: 176
7/17/13: 175
7/18/13: 174

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