Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 4 Egg Diet

Well, I can not really complain. My energy levels are up! I haven't had any cravings as of day 4. I am not hungry as the eggs keep me very satisfied. Some people have asked me if I have been constipated but I have not been at all.  I have still been "going" every morning. I am getting a little sick of eating only hard boiled eggs so tomorrow I think I am going to eat them scrambled. I have to try and keep it a little bit interesting. Honestly though, I am very motivated to keep it up because I have lost 10 pounds and an 1.5 inches off my waist in 4 days! That's incredible! Even if I lost a lot of water weight my clothes feel better and I feel leaner. It hasn't been that difficult ether. I just have kept myself very busy and I eat eggs when I get hungry. On day 4 I ate 12 eggs. I have been sleeping better and I got a great workout in and felt great. :) Onward to day 5! I am very interested in how much weight I will lose during these 21 days and if most of it will stay of once I transition to a healthy balanced diet. You never know until you experiment and learn what works for your body. I really think this break from the foods I struggle with (carbs & sugar!) is really good for my body, mind and spirit. 

7/8/13 Starting Weight: 192
7/9/13: 188
7/10/13: 186
7/11/13: 183
7/12/13: 182

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