Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 6 Egg Diet

I am not eating hard boiled eggs anymore. I was sooooooo over them. I might come back to them after a while but for day 6 I ate 12 eggs scrambled with a tiny bit of coconut oil spray to grease the pan and some celtic sea salt and pepper. They were delicious and it was fun to have a change. I still feel great and had another great workout. One of the best parts of it is that I feel so free. I was shackled to sugar for so long and hated living in that unhealthy cycle. I also had a lot more energy highs and lows when I was eating sugar. I feel pretty steady now. I do not have any brain fog and am able to function highly. What has been on my mind most lately is how to transition from this to a healthy balanced eating plan on day 22. I am afraid to reopen the door to carbs, even healthy ones because I don't want to regain weight or have intense cravings like I was before. I am taking this time to do a lot of research. I may transition from this to paleo or something like it. I need something I can make an every day lifestyle. But for now I am enjoying my Egg Diet success! I can not believe I am still losing! :)

7/8/13 Starting Weight: 192
7/9/13: 188
7/10/13: 186
7/11/13: 183
7/12/13: 182
7/14/13: 178

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